Sea freight.

Global maritime transport is an essential part of our economy in today's world, and international trade is a massive cornerstone of it. (Due to ongoing globalization, it has never been easier to conduct business with third countries.)

With us, you have an experienced logistics expert by your side to assist you. From LCL to oversized special transports, we offer our customers proven overall solutions for imports and exports.

We handle container pre- and post-carriages in-house (whether intermodal or by truck) with selected subcontractors and do not hand over your goods.

Furthermore, we advise you on letter of credit-compliant processing, transport insurance, and export packaging.

Complete handling of your sea freight.

  • Direct Services
  • Sea/Air - Services
  • L/C-Handling
  • FCL/FCL Container
  • LCL/LCL Consolidated Container