Proven concepts for your transports.


Are you looking for a logistics service provider who actually takes care of your goods? You have come to the right place! Hands-on mentality and determination characterize our way of working.

The customer is the focus.

Absolute focus on your needs.

We think outside the box. By actively improving the transport processes, we generate incomparable added value for our customers.

Callback service.

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You will be contacted by us with our callback service. Simply enter your name, telephone number and the request and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

    track & trace your shipment.

    Digitization already today. By investing in our IT systems, we offer our customers a platform with an interactive display of their sea freight transports. Book online, track documents up/download and real-time events of your container movements to simplify your internal processes. All common shipping companies connected through Inttra or GT Nexus enable end-to-end tracking.

    Our range of services.

    Our range of services. Specializing in sea freight, we offer our customers many services that go far beyond that. Through a strong partner network, we produce cost-effectively and remain flexible.

    Preparation and consulting.

    Good preparation eliminates many headaches in advance. We advise you on country-specific regulations and customs clearance.

    Transport and processing.

    We organize the customs clearance and secure transport of your goods. Any changes or interventions in the supply chain are promptly communicated by us.

    Track and Trace.

    Shipment tracking via our own tracking platform, which is directly linked to the most common shipping companies through interfaces with Inttra and GTNexus.

    Your local logistics shop.

    The satisfaction of our customers is our mission and we cultivate a very close relationship of trust with our clients based on this philosophy, which we consider our top duty to maintain. Through our extensive network of shipping companies, operators, and transport partners, we offer a wide range of products to and from all corners of the world. We hope to convince you of our performance and count you among our customers soon.

    Sea freight.

    Global maritime transport is an essential part of our economy in today's world, and international trade is a massive cornerstone of it. With us, you have an experienced logistics expert by your side to assist you. From LCL to oversized special transports, we offer our customers proven overall solutions for imports and exports.

    Railway transport.

    We have extensive experience in the Silk Road region since 2013. The key here is to select the right provider to transport your priority cargo cost-effectively and with the best lead times.

    Land transport.

    As part of our specialization in project transport, we have established a proven network of freight carriers, special transport companies, and express services. We rely on local medium-sized entrepreneurs with expertise in local conditions and the best drivers. With us, your goods will reach their destination safely and on time.